freedom through limertation (Billy Childish)

Mai 11, 2009 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

1. setting limmits on ourselfs frees us from nature – socioty – imposing their limits upon us

2. many of our tecknollagies, rather than helping us, hinder us. this is becouse teqcknollagy incorages us to avoid our limitations rather than meet them, which is our pathway to god

3. our tecknollegys are often created out of fear and our need to feel entertained rather than actual need. they also fool us into beliving we are safe and invincable, therby increeceing ego atachment and missery.

4. the bicycle is an invention of genious, the car a mere inevitability and ultametly a monstrosity

5. The telivision and internal combustion engin have ruined life

6. climbing mount everest with an oxgen tank makes climbing mount everest easyer but actually devalues mountiains, the climber and the achevment

7. the reason for setting out on a journy is not to arrive magicaly at the goal, but to not know if we are going to make it to the finish. bravery is being willing to engage with our limitations

8. we lose trust in ourselfs and god by rigging the vote


at the time of writing

Mai 1, 2009 § Ein Kommentar

at the time of writing
i was angry, depressed, frustrated and alone

at the time of writing
i happened to feel particularly nasty

at the time of writing
i was ecstatic, marvelled at the universe
and celebrated the joys of human existence

at the time of writing
i was bored and lazy
unwilling to lift a finger to do anything
(and even putting down these lines really took an effort)

at the time of writing
i was in pain
newly in love

at the time of writing
i was affected by the predicament of a friend

at the time of writing
i radiated benevolence towards all of god’s creatures

at the time of writing
i was worried about everything and hated everybody

at the time of writing
i was enthusiastic, words and images seemed to just pour onto the page

at the time of writing
i was considering getting a dog
becoming a musician
wearing a suit from now on
was i perhaps really gay
should i smoke more
or less?

so the question might arise if
at the time of writing
i am
one of the above
all of the above
none of the above
in states of mind altogether different from the above

the answer is
at the time of writing
i am all of these things and then some

the truth is
quite simply that
at the time of writing

i am writing

Wo bin ich?

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